Post 9/11

Post 9/11opens a dialog about the pivotal point in American history where social constructs were changed overnight with regard to personal freedoms, religious associations and the role of government. Subject to Search is an installation that incorporates video of post 9/11 instituted citizen airport searches across the US projected onto a suitcase mounted on the gallery wall. This series questions the path of government, the tools used to fight the “War on Terror,” and our judgement of safety and security.

Oppression Oil on Riot Helmet Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince © 2012
Homeland Security oil on canvas Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince © 2012
Subject to Search Video Installation Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince © 2012

Subject to Search is a video installation with video of searches at airports in san Francisco, New York, Indianapolis, San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta and other cites projected onto a suitcase. Here is the video: