The Art Parlor

Welcome to the Gary-Paul Barbosa Prince Art Parlor

Located at:
2410 1/2 Lincoln Ave.
Alameda, Ca. 94501

The Art Parlor is the studio where I focus on traditional portrait master method oil paintings, restorations of early paintings(specifically American 18th, 19th and 20th Century Art) antiquities, and reproductions/replicas of master works. Art works are produced in a variety of materials and in the case of replicas are forged using period process’. The following services are provided: Commissions and Consultation.

COMMISSIONS: I am available for commissions of portraits, objects d’art and replicas/reproductions.
Note: replicas/reproductions are produced and presented and marked as such when transferred. The owner is responsible for maintaining the work’s presentation in its proper legal status and agrees not to present works as the original or as forgeries.

My Art Parlor is in the tradition of the Master’s studio or bottega and can be traced back to the Renaissance. These parlors popped up when private patrons supplanted the centralized infrastructure of the Church that had dominated the production of art in the Middle Ages. In this new era, artists began developing close and long-lasting relationship with patrons, for whom they would create commissioned work, painting murals, portraits of their family members, homes as well as events.

I also produce video in this studio and specifically shoot my YouTube show “Populence” here. Populence is an on-going series of videos that document the interesting to the mundane of my day to day operations and the people I meet.

ART CONSULTATION SERVICES aka Creative Curanderismo is in the spirit of imparting artistic knowledge and healing. From corporate clients to private collectors and artists , I provide master level expert advice on art production, creative practices, historical background, expertise on fakes and forgeries, and guidance for connoisseurs on how to procure a well informed art collection. These services are provided at the Parlor or my main studio INFERNO Co. (located 5 minutes away) over the bridge in Oakland. INFERNO Co. studio is the epicenter of my creative practice and factory where I produce my large works – sculptures and paintings well over 6 to 10 ft. It also accommodates me slinging and throwing paint around and making a big mess to produce works of unlimited creativity.

The art parlor is by appointment only.  However on selected  2nd Fridays of the month  our gallery area is open from 6-9pm(unless otherwise noted)and we display paintings and sculpture from bay area artists and beyond. Patrons are also able to see the latest paintings and sculptures being created by Barbosa Prince. This is the only time we are open to the public- IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE:  Please check the 2nd Fridays ArtWalk calendar to find out which dates we are participating on. Also feel free to send an email of inquiry to:

Welcome to the ART PARLOR!