Public Art

public [puhb-lik]


1. of, relating to, or affecting a population or a community as a whole:

public funds; a public nuisance.
2. done, made, acting, etc., for the community as a whole:

public prosecution.
3. open to all persons:

a public meeting.

My approach to public art is a guerrilla format. The first piece I did was a 12 foot high abstract sculpture I made in my teens. The piece sat for several years on the communications building lawn at San Antonio College. Later when I had to remove it I placed it in the lawn at Mercantile Bank off of Highway 410 on the northeast side of San Antonio, Texas. The Mercantile bank was void of art on it’s premises even though it had a large property with manicured lawns. It was the perfect place for a sculpture garden. I thought possibly I would inspire the addition of art. Well a few years later the bank trashed my sculpture and then hired artist George Sugarman to produce a work …however he placed it on the bank not on the lawn. I will say it is an amazing piece and to this day I love seeing it. Suffice to say I felt that my work inspired the bank to make public art a priority.
Here are my latest projects: