Upcoming Exhibitions

Common Currents Group Show in San Antonio , TX

Friends and Patrons in San Antonio, TX please come and see my latest work:

The Annexation of Texas 1845 as told by Maneki Nekos(Lucky Cats)

on display at this incredible show along with many other Texas artists! 1818---1867-2

Opening this Thursday at 6pm and on view through April 22nd!

1201 Navarro St. San Antonio, TX 78205. Downtown (210) 224-1848 www.swschool.org

In celebration of San Antonio’s Tricentennial year, Southwest School of Art is partnering with five other artist-centric organizations to present an exhibition that will illuminate 300 years of San Antonio history. Other participating Common Currentsorganizations include: Artpace San Antonio, Blue Star Contemporary, Carver Community Cultural Center, The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, and Mexican Cultural Institute.

Common Currents draws a portrait of San Antonio by San Antonians, via a crowd-sourced, collaborative visual and performing arts exhibition. In its entirety, the exhibition will be open for a period of 6 months.

Works on display at Southwest School of Art will highlight the 50 years from 1818-1867 and artists featured will include:

1818 Norma Jean Moore; 1819 Ruben Luna; 1820 Michelle Love; 1821 Lee Michael Peterson; 1822 Vesna Zrinski; 1823 Eric Mathis; 1824 Lauri Garcia Jones; 1825 Nancy Oakley Klapp; 1826 Meredith Dean; 1827 Junye Butler; 1828 Claire Rhodes Stevensen; 1829 Carolina G. Flores; 1830 Eden Collins; 1831 James Hendricks; 1832 Juan Zavala-Castro; 1833 Carra Garza; 1834 Andrea Reyes; 1836 Andrea “Andi” Rivas; 1837 Frank J. Leal, Jr.; 1838 Rafael Gutierrez; 1839 Bill FitzGibbons; 1840 Jose Villalobos; 1841 Anthony Rundblade; 1842 Antonia Padilla; 1843 Aaron Waiters, Jr.; 1844 Joshua Perez; 1845 Barbosa Prince; 1846 Lori Hernandez; 1847 Gene Elder; 1848 Susie Monday; 1849 Ana Fernandez; 1850 Chris Castillo; 1852 Carina Hiscock; 1853 Alba DeLeon; 1854 Kim Bishop; 1855 Adria Garza, 1856 Bárbara Miñarro; 1857 Rex Hausmann; 1858 Lauren Mojica; 1859 Naomi Wanjiku Gakunga; 1860 Houston Fryer; 1861 Joey Fauerso; 1862 Susan Mara Oaks; 1863 Ben Mata; 1864 Timothy C. Lefkowitz; 1865 Steven DaLuz; 1866 Gaby Borrego; and 1867 Gary Sweeney.